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A bookstore, Textbook Team (where you can buy and sell used books)                     and...

World Cup Espresso - great coffee, chocolate, and visiting!!
1501 SW 21st St
Topeka, KS 66604

BOTH in shopping center at 21st & Washburn

Or RENT your books for perhaps 30% of new price--here!!

Temperature conversion (Fahrenheit=Celsius)

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Buying a used car - definitely, a big decision. Drivers licence, auto insurance, taxes, license, etc., all of these have to be considered. Get help now from one of our TFN Friendship Partners who can help you:

  • find a reliable car
  • pay a fair price
  • check the VIN numbers on the cars to find out their history
  • check auto to to make sure it is mechanically sound and reliable, having their mechanic inspect the car
  • by providing, if you buy from 9-5 Auto, a warranty on each of their cars.

Our TFN Friendship Partner enjoys helping students BUY or SELL cars. You can buy from them, or take a car you are trying out to them for inspection and advice!

Contact Bart McIntosh

  • Phone or text 785-640-1585
  • e-mail:
  • Facebook
  • WeChat/WeiXin
  • QQ 2630240160
Toll-Free Phone Numbers for Airlines, Hotels, Etc.  
How to survive in America  

TRAVEL to or from Kansas City:

Some students fly to Chicago or other places out of MCI (Kansas City). There is a service called Roadrunner that will take you to the Kansas City airport... costs vary depending on how many students are in the vehicle.

It's a pretty good deal, $63 one way... and it costs about that much to drive if you were to get someone to drive you and then come back later and pick you up.

UP-TO-DATE info here: or better yet, call;

800-747-2524, 800-826-8294
913-262-0905, 816-353-7100

You can schedule special vehicles for good pricing if there is more than one student going.

The U.S. Midwest area doesn't have a lot of good public transportation such as subways or shuttle trains.

You can check out Greyhound bus (departs from downtown): - about $30-35 one way if purchased on the web.

600 SE Quincy St
Topeka, KS 66603

Be sure to find out where you will get off the bus in KC (or elsewhere). It may not be close to where you need to be, requiring a taxi to transport you to specific location..


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